Do I have to sign up for a minimum term?

No, not at all! We have a number of options available to suit everyone, and can waive all minimum terms when the Initial Comprehensive Assessment is paid upfront.

Do you have Les Mills classes?

DRIVE360 do not provide Les Mills classes. The reason being, that this style of training does not fit within the DRIVE360 philosophy of catering exercise progressions and regressions for each and every member and athlete. We have had incredible success getting our members and athletes out of pain, and keeping them out of pain throughout our individualised, client-centred programming approach.

Do you have 24 hour access?

We do not allow 24 hour access. The reason being that our members and athletes pay for our expertise and quality coaching. To ensure the very best for technique throughout the movements and subsequent best progression we need to be there to assist!

How many people do you have in your sessions?

This differs depending on the type of service. We allow a maximum:

  • 6 members/athletes in our Semi-Private sessions
  • 8 members/athletes in our junior sessions
  • 15 members/athletes in our ‘Experience’ group Classes

Where are you located?

4 Canham way Greenwood. We are only 17kms from Perth CBD and are easily accessible from both Hepburn ave and Wanneroo rd.

Can I purchase food, drinks or supplements?

Yes, absolutely! We have a wonderful coffee shop in the entrance which serves healthy food and snacks. We also have supplements and merchandise available from the reception desk, located next to the coffee shop.

What payment methods to you offer?

We accept cash, eftpos and for our memberships, we also offer direct debit.

What happens to my membership if I go on holiday?

We have a suspension form which our members can complete either online, or in the facility, which allows them to suspend their membership and associated direct debits while on holiday.

What do I need to bring for the Initial Comprehensive Assessment?

Wear something comfortable and easy to move in, such as a t-shirt and shorts. Bring a water bottle and towel. If you have a pre-existing condition bring your reports for our coach to review.

Do you have any parking available?

Yes! We are a standalone building with ample dedicated parking out the front.

Why should I choose DRIVE360?

There are so many reasons to choose us! In addition to being the leaders in the new movement trend of the industry through our thorough assessment phase, ongoing data collection and evidence-based training, we also:

  • Are strong believers in continuing professional education, so our professional skills are always updated
  • We employ a recovery-based, results-driven approach so that you improve your health, movement patterns, and reach your goals.
  • We have extensive experience working with athletes of all levels – be it the ‘weekend warrior’, junior and amateurs, or elite professionals.
  • We use a combination of treatment modalities to ensure we are providing the best possible treatment for you.
  • We are also fun and we genuinely care about all of our athletes!

What should I expect in my Initial Comprehensive Assessment?

This is a requirement for all members/athletes choosing our Semi-Private Training. Initially, we require you to complete some paperwork so that we can enter you straight into our system. One of our coaches will then take you for your Initial Comprehensive Assessment session. Here they will:

  • Take your blood pressure, weight, resting heart rate
  • Discuss your Health Questionnaire (completed at home, online)
  • Have you lay on the treatment table to go through your range of movement capabilities through various joints and identify any blockages and areas needing further attention.
  • Once we have identified any potential issues, we will run you through some specifically tailored exercises and see how your body responds to the treatment
  • From here we will conduct some gross movement assessments to determine your capabilities, first without an external load (i.e. weight) to see your ability, and progress slowly from there to see what your body is capable of without compromising form.
  • Finally, we will take you through a 1-minute GO test to determine your cardiac capacity.
  • After we complete your session the coach will use all of this data generated to design a program which is specific to your ability level and requirements, with focus on improving any identified dysfunctions.

How long do your sessions go for?

This depends on the session type:

  • ‘Experience’ Group classes last for 60 minutes
  • Junior Training sessions last for 60 minutes
  • Initial Comprehensive Assessment lasts for 60-90 minutes
  • Semi-Private sessions – stay as long as you like between the designated times
  • Open-Gym sessions –stay as long as you like between the designated times (available to Semi-Private members/athletes)