We all know that the feet play a major role when it comes to generating energy as they are our first contact with the ground ,and if these puppies break down we can end up with many differing issues in our feet and the entire system above.
Attached is the shoe list that I recommend you have a look at as an improper contact with the ground (shoe) can defeat your position quickly!
On the other foot, a correct shoe can drive a positive effect on mid foot heel control and/or sensory guidance for proper gait mechanics throughout the body.
This can change mechanics throughout your entire system!!
The inability to sense the floor can drive a subconcious threat which will leave you in an extended pattern and searching for the ground.

Try a few of these on and do not let the sales person guide you to anything else.
You want to be able to sense your medial arch through mid stance, when your foot is flat during walking, and it should guide you onto your big toe for push off and a happy ipsilateral gluten max contraction!

Here is a link to a fantastic list of shoes that I and many of us have used to great relief!

Happy Shopping

Coach Doyle

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