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Let’ talk about stress, ba-by!

let talk about stress

It’s where we are living, it’s all around us, it’s like the matrix… most of us don’t see it because we don’t want to recognise it and make the changes to deal with it. STRESS!

As you might know, we as a gym are stress dealers. We pile stress onto of you, not only with our corny 90’s music titles but external stressors in the gym (load/volume, etc.) are a massive threat to your system. Our ability to adapt and recover from the stress is the triggers for your physique or performance change!

Time to really break that habit!

Don’t just take our word for it though, read what a leading cognitive scientist has to say about changing habits! We have already discovered that the brain is forever plastic (changeable), so if we know that we can change our habits what holds us back from doing so?


If you want to know more, feel free to email us so that we can continue to guide you through what stress is, how you can deal with it and how we as a performance facility are looking at “Challenging the norm”

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