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Omegawave - assess how your body adapts to stressors, focusing on the central nervous, cardiac, metabolic, and hormonal systems.


We are assessing how your body adapts to stressors, focusing on the central nervous, cardiac, metabolic, and hormonal systems. This data validates the course of action that we take when designing your program and keeps your gains on point without driving your system into an overtrained state. Testing is available on the below options.

Bi Monthly:

Firstbeat - heart rate variability (HRV) data


Firstbeat’s process uses heart rate variability (HRV) data combined with advanced mathematical and signal processing methods to document an individual’s autonomic nervous system regulation. Starting from heartbeat data, the Firstbeat analytic engine computes and creates a digital model of the human body describing key physiological processes such as oxygen consumption, energy expenditure, excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), as well as stress and recovery reactions.

To make this possible, Firstbeat has developed ways of utilizing HRV in real-life conditions, which are not stationary and stable, but rather dynamic and complex. Consequently, Firstbeat is able to provide a comprehensive view over physiological reactions, and to analyze and provide feedback for example on effectiveness of training, recovery status, fitness level as well as lifestyle-related aspects such as stress, recovery, and physical activity.





Moxy - Muscle Oxygen Monitor


Moxy is used to assess athletes, guide their training, and hone their performance during competition. It helps identify optimal training intensity zones and provides feedback on the physiologic systems limiting performance. Moxy is easy to use, mobile, non-invasive and affordable, making it widely applicable to athletes and trainers of every calling- from endurance sports like cycling and swimming to team sports like football and volleyball and individual sports like strength training.

Spiro Tiger - Respiratory Training for Champions


The unique endurance training device for respiratory training consists of a hand held unit with a respiratory pouch. The easy to operate monitoring electronics allow to train safely and in a specific manner. In case of regular training, measurable results will already be achieved in a few weeks.