Comprehensive Assessment – Drive360

Comprehensive Assessment


Drive360 have a 3-step process in place to ensure your continued success:

1. Evaluate

The first thing we do with our clients is establish a baseline. Using the PRI (Postural Restoration Institute), Omegawave and Gymaware we begin to understand what your body needs to raise the ceiling on your performance and aesthetic goals.

2. Prime

After establishing a baseline, we then create individualized training to you and your specific objectives.

3. Adapt

Now that we have data on how you react to specific training and a map of your physiology we can facilitate precise adaptations using a variety of proven methods.

Initial Comprehensive Assessment Process

This is a requirement for all members/athletes choosing our Semi-Private Training, and is available to non-members also.

One of our coaches will then take you for your Initial Comprehensive Assessment session. It is segmented as follows:

  • Initially our coach will take your blood pressure, weight, resting heart rate
  • Discuss your Health Questionnaire (completed prior, either at home or online)
  • Have you lay on the treatment table to go through your range of movement capabilities through various joints and identify any blockages and areas needing further attention.
  • Once we have identified any potential issues, we will run you through some specifically tailored exercises and see how your body responds to the treatment
  • From here we will conduct some gross movement assessments to determine your capabilities, first without an external load (i.e. weight) to see your ability, and progress slowly from there to see what your body is capable of without compromising form.
  • Finally, we will take you through a 1-minute GO test to determine your cardiac capacity.
  • After we complete your session the coach will use all of this data generated to design a program which is specific to your ability level and requirements, with focus on improving any identified dysfunctions.

As the Assessment is a thorough process it generally takes 60 minutes to complete, however please allow up to 90 minutes as we may go over depending on your needs and education throughout.