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DRIVE(N) Team Training

Train hard, the right way!

We never hear our clients say they want to look like a pro bodybuilder or power lifter, we usually hear “I want to feel/look like an ATHLETE”. Just what does that look like? After you have breathed, smashed, jumped, bounded, push pulled and worked your cardiac system… you can tell us!


  • Classes of up to 15 people
  • Made up of strength and cardio training modalities
  • Exercises progressed and regressed to suit individuals
  • One hour training sessions


  • Slightly larger classes means more energy, fun and competition! Having maximum 15 people means quality coaching is maintained consistently. We also program quarterly in advance so that you receive the very best!
  • Training both strength and cardio means we can get more out of your session by pushing your limits and burning extra calories
  • Training in a group doesn’t mean you are stuck doing what everyone else is doing! We prescribe and customise exercises to suit your own unique movement abilities
  • One hour in a high energy, well coached environment is ample for achieving your goals.

DRIVE(N) Team Training Options

2 x sessions per week
3 x sessions per week
Unlimited sessions per week

Prices starting at $59, weekly