Junior Development – Drive360
Perth gym Drive360 have developed Junior Sports Development sessions specifically for your child.

Junior Development

Set your child up for LIFE!


  • Movement, physical literacy and strength – for life!
  • Positive impact on physical fitness
  • Improved social skills
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved neural functioning
  • Decreased risk for health issues
  • Fun and engaging sessions


  • Kids these days lead a much more sedentary lifestyle than generations before them. This has negative impacts on their development of the basic movement skills they need to learn early in life – such as the ABC’s ‘Agility, Balance and Coordination’ which are vital skills which serve them throughout their life to ensure safe, effective movement
  • Improved attention and productivity across multiple areas of their life
  • Improved performance on neural aspects, such as mental clarity, problem solving and memory storage and recall.
  • Improved overall physical literacy translates into increased performance in their chosen sport

Junior Options

2 x sessions per week
3 x sessions per week
Unlimited sessions per week

Prices starting at $39, weekly